Trick Or Treatment

by Gabe Toxic

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released March 20, 2013

Written and performed by Gabe Toxic




Gabe Toxic Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

(vocals, 1997-2000)

(vocals/guitar/bass/programming, 2000-2007)

(bass, 2004-2006)

-Gabe Toxic
(vocals/guitar/bass/programming, 2008-present)

(bass/vocals, 2009-2010)

(guitar/vocals, 2010-present)

(bass, 2012-present)

(guitar & vocals, 2013-present)
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Track Name: Era Of Numb
When I left the dream
I stepped into a living nightmare
I bet you have your share of secrets
Things you want nobody to know
So don't be so quick to judge me
When you know I'm not alone

Wrong is the the only thing
I ever got right

I'm getting my blood- flow back
From the waist down
Ending the era of numb
From your punch below the belt

There's a fire within
One that I can't put out
It's gonna burst its way out, dear
Burn us both to the ground
Now there's nothing left but ashes
In the shape of a heart
No matter what they say once you're in
You can always find your way back out

I left your chains and your prison
To lock myself up in a cell of my own
Track Name: Compulsive Confessor
She's almost perfect
When 'almost' doesn't cut it anymore
I see myself stop trying
As if I had no say in what I want

She likes abuse
Without a purpose or a use

You've miscarried the cross on your back
Leaving your sins and your guilt intact

I can smell the guilt on you
But I'd rather taste your regret

She aims to tease
Not to please
And she tastes of disease
Ideal companion for my best mistakes
It's so wrong, it makes perfect sense

I honestly cannot lie
Not even if I try

The way your body moves
The way you look at me
Bare all the signs of an open invitation
To make God proud of our sins
Track Name: Trick Or Treatment
Listen to the silence
It's the best I could create
You're the muse behind my violence
And the nurse who feeds me my meds

They told me to wait
And I bit the bait
That's what I get
For leaving it up to fate

Trick or treatment is all we believe in
It's not the worst but it's just as good
Trick or treatment even if we don't need it
A flat-out lie that feels like the truth

Recreational abuse
Has been proven to be
The quickest way to lose
But warnings never stop us
From doing what we want
From hurting each other
Even when it's not fun

Push me to pills until I can’t pull away
Track Name: Spoonfuls Of Salt
My bones are made out of sand
And the blood I pump is just oil
The people around are spoonfuls of salt
And I'm the only one thinking this is all my fault

Trying not to cave-in

I had my self-esteem surgically removed
And my pride has been sterilized

Is this the future?
Or is it the past?
Dèja Vu's loop of my karma
From the first day to the last

You know when depression
Becomes a real close friend
Because every brand new morning
Feels like just another day
Track Name: Set Free
There's no such thing as right anymore
Only degrees of wrong
When there is no one left to trust
And you get past the skin
Down to the bone

Build a belief
Grounded on deceit

Will you be the one to bury me
Once it's all said and done?
Dirt on the ground
Will I hold the hand that guides me
Through the darkest corners of my mind?
Out of time
Will they understand the nature of
What's truly meant to be
And set us free?

And if everything I've ever known
Each one of the things I've grown to love
Would turn to dust and put me back in square #1
So I can burn it right down to the ground
Track Name: The Punchline
Ignorance is bliss
And you get happier by the second
Feeding your own piss
She-demon with a mouthful

The only reason you are in on the joke
Is because you are the punchline

You are your own wishing well
Soon-to-become your fucking grave
But that's what you get
For trying to suck the sick
Destroy to enjoy because you know
No one cares that you exist

Gearing up to be
Most used muse of the decade
Only to be seen
By those who stray from their path

She's on a mission
Almost a religion
To turn into your sin
And your punishment combined
Track Name: Sell To The Dead
Complaining is easier than trying to solve
Winning the race towards nothing at all
Trying to buy a good reason to die
So once and for all we can sell to the dead

We work on the life that you need to live
Building the walls of the prison for you to feel free
You know it's true
The joke is on you

So tear it down
Into the ground
Before there's nothing left to fight for
Make no mistake
It's you or them
And they don't need a reason to stop

Look into their eyes and define what you are
They will sink in their teeth and bleed you dry
Track Name: The Seed Of Decay
You can bitch and moan all you want
We both know I'll do what I want
While you're still stuck
In what you want to do

Why do you even bother
If you know I don't care?

I can be the right to all your wrongs
I can make you feel like you belong
But all you have in exchange
Is the seed of decay
Track Name: If You, If I, If We
It's not enough to say the right thing
It has to be the right time
You can dwell or look for comfort
In knowing that you tried
Whatever we do, wherever we go
I want you to know that none of this was a lie

This doesn't feel like it's over
Even though we've said our goodbyes
There's no treatment and no medication
To get you out of my heart

If you could turn me into you
If I could turn you into me
If we could all of this into ourselves

This kinda love cannot be ended
Only redefined
And all the smart play-on-words
I designed just for me to hide